We call this our "back stage" page, we're putting various out-takes, rough mixes, alternate mixes, musings and other odds and ends here, just for fun. We hope you like it. We'll keep updating it so come back often.

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Magnolia Waltz

Here's a very early version go Magnolia Waltz where we were still writing and sending it back and forth via email. It takes on a kind of Simon and Garfunkel vibe in the middle part just for fun. We eventually finished it up and it became the title track of our first album. We hope you enjoy hearing it. You can also listen to the finished version on our home page.  


This is a an early test version of our song Shadows, with cello. We were thinking of adding it early on but ultimately decided not to. The cello is the focus here (so we could hear it better) which is why Laura's vocal is more in the background. We still like the idea though...Songwriting never stops for us, even for songs that are technically "finished".

Dead Inside

This studio take has no drums, bass, or harmony vocal, it's just piano, guitar, and Laura's vocal, which gives the song a more intimate feeling. We're glad this one turned up, we like it quite a lot. Be sure to check out our homepage to hear the song as it was released.

Originally written about the suppression of artistic voices in China, this song again feels relevant given the ominous events taking place in Hong Kong where democracy and free expression hang in the balance...