We call this our "back stage" page, we're putting various out-takes, rough mixes, alternate mixes, musings and other odds and ends here, just for fun. We hope you like it. We'll keep updating it so come back often.

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Too Big To Fail Blues

When we recorded Too Big To Fail Blues, we tried some different versions before deciding on the one we released.

This first track is the initial studio version done on electric guitar. We liked it but wanted to try a different sound. 

The second track is played on a dobro (metal acoustic) guitar with no vocals, just a tambourine. We decided to use this guitar to record the final track.

You can hear that final track on our home page.

In Between Love

This song was written by the great Tom Waits. We planned to release it on our first album but had too many of our own songs at the time. Here is the first recorded rehearsal of it just playing and singing while getting familiar with it. It's quite a bit like the original version at this point.

We recorded the studio version live in the same room a couple of feet from each other with no overdubs. You can hear that version (and download it) as part of our Prairie Tales digital release, on our "free" page.