CommonUnion59 releases the official music video for “Happy Talk”. This song and video depicts CommonUnion59’s opinion regarding the response to the pandemic has been disconnected from reality. Believing that the Trump Administration has downplayed the death toll, the need for equipment, and the general level of distress in the US. Furthermore, the use of “happy talk” to distract from and cover up incompetence and failures. CommonUnion59 also mainly wants to express their sadness for the victims who they feel have been swept under the rug and all but forgotten. Check out the video! - Grindlouder

Borrowed Time:

...Love the music, and the lyrical message is astute and timely...this is folk music I can get behind musically and politically. - Johnny Taylor Jr., Now Hear This

CommonUnion59 gives us a warning with their folksy, toe-tapping track. The guitar rocks and the duel vocals by Steve McKenzie and Laura Malasig bless the track perfectly. - Songs For The Moment

In particular, the duo sets the spotlight on the threat of nuclear warfare that still very much plays a part in our political field...to develop a swampy, harrowing folk tune. - Johnathan Frahm, For Folks Sake


The songs on Heartbeat Serenade cover the spectrum of human emotions: love, happiness, our hopes and dreams, heartbreak, and always, the sheer delight of being alive...The result is a stellar album. Heartbeat Serenade is one of those special albums that doesn't appear often enough. - Christopher Zoukis, Huffington Post

“Heartbeat Serenade” is not just an album; it’s a work of art (and I never thought I’d say this about an country/folk album). It’s goes to show that musicians don’t have to go all out to create a masterpiece... - RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine 

This act's folk-ish leanings just warm the heart. It's the kind of music many long to hear...You can laugh about the Summer of Love's excesses, but we could sure use that kind of a love revival right now. Let this album be its soundtrack, in fact. - AntiMusic.com 

McKenzie and Malasig have used the classic techniques of blending blues, country and subtle folk just as the 60's masters did... 
- Layla Marino, San Diegeo Free Press 



With CommonUnion59, singer-songwriters Steve McKenzie and Laura Malasig create an organic and sincere brand of folk music with a timeless quality...which provides a much needed breath of fresh air in the music scene today.
Review By: Justin Kreitzer 

Singer-songwriter and folk rock enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to listen to this great album, but they're not the only ones. There's a wonderfully universal appeal to what CommonUnion59 has created with this record and you'd be remiss not to experience it. "Echoes" is an achingly beautiful song...Part of the reason for this is because Malasig's piano playing matches the tone of the lyrics so perfectly. It's one of the most beautiful pieces of music you're ever likely to hear.
- Review By: Heath Andrews

CommonUnion59 draw on influences that range from 10,000 Maniacs to Lucinda Williams.The most flat -out political song on Magnolia Waltz is "too Big To Fail Blues" which sounds like an Occupy Wall Street manifesto...That song is the essence of folk-rock as political protest music...Folk-rock enthusiasts and triple a (adult album alternative) radio stations would do well to check out this memorable debut from CommonUnion59.
- Review by: Alex Henderson

...CommonUnion59 is a duo that has definite legs, crafting compelling and intelligent music with passion, poise, and skill. And with a musical palette that spans from roots blues, folk, pop, and more, they've got the chops to pull off something big.
- Review By: Andrew Greenhalgh 

...This is a high quality collection of songs, performed by two artists that are extremely good at what they do. That should be recommendation enough.
- Review By: Dan MacIntosh